NATURE bijoux necklace  921A

NATURE bijoux necklace 921A

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NATURE bijoux necklace 

HANDMADE  by French artisan

"cannelle"   starvine, robles wood, dyed jade, resin

16 inch plus 2 inch adjusting chain

a SAVE 50%


Nature poses as a muse. Source of inspiration,
it’s also the source of raw materials for
Nature Bijoux’s creations. They offer uncommon stories,
bold and original, in complete harmony with nature.
And that’s the secret of Nature Bijoux, it’s what breathes l
ife into all their art  the sheer diversity and eloquence
of natural materials. There are more than 1200
mineral substances to be discovered in our collections.
Termite mounds, grains, bones, semi-precious
stones, leather, bark, flowers, nacre, wood, shells,
moss, fish skin, feathers, eggshells, horn, bamboo…
to list but a few. Nature bijoux collections will tell
you their  storywith its mixture of colors and precious, rich &
 various materials. by  their talented French artists.