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6.5”h x 12”l x 4”w

Generous interior with wipeable water
resistant liner and an additional zipped pocket

Maruca's travel bag is WONDERFUL for your cosmetics and more.   An absolute great accessory for travel.  Generous interior with wipeable liner and an additional interior zipped pocket. Exterior zipped pocket on front as well.   Some  even love it as an every day clutch!!!


Not driven by trend, heeding the advice from their followers and endless reconnaissance, Maruca’s functional shapes are designed to actually work in your life.  AND FROM OUR EXPERIENCE OF SELLING THEM FOR OVER 20 YEARS…NO FLAWS ON DELIVERY & NARY A COMPLAINT AS TO THEM “WEARING-OUT”!!!!!!

Maruca Design, now 25 years old  remains a small, intimate studio nestled in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Every bag still hand cut and sewn. Maruca, believes that creating small production runs of their bags within a cottage industry, creates a consciousness that humanizes the work and makes for a more “harmonious society”. The result is that they can tout a product that is unique, well made and moves from heart to hand.

Maruca bags are made from a fabric called “Jacquard”…Jacquard means an intricately woven pattern using a special loom in the weaving process. The conception of their fabric patterns begins with drawings, cut paper, collage and re-worked imagery, all inspired by the world around us. They then collaborate with brilliant textile designers from select, smaller independent U.S. fabric mills, who bring the vision into fruition. The content of  the  fabrics can vary…The threads are cottons, rayons and synthetics—many of which are from recycled plastic bottles   Maruca Design’s culture is composed of women who share one common thread…the love for textiles.