VIM & VIGR compression sock

VIM & VIGR compression sock

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VIM & VIGR compression sock


black dot on red

compression sock unisex

15-20 mmHg compression socks
cotton 38%   Nylon 47%.  spandex 15%
SMALL is labeled as
Women shoe 5-7 and men 3.5 TO 5.5
Calf size 11-15 inches

 Who will benefit from VIM & VIGR Compression Socks?
Sitters – It only takes 90 minutes of sitting for the blood flow
below your knees to decrease by 50%. This can lead to
vascular injury and DVTs (e.g. road warriors, desk jobs).

Standers – Standing all day can cause pain, swelling,
and fatigue in your legs and feet (e.g. healthcare providers,
teachers, hair stylists, flight attendants, servers).

Athletes – Graduated compression socks decrease
exercise-induced muscle soreness and shorten
recovery times (e.g. runners, bikers, yogis).

Pregnant Women – The increased blood volume and pressure
from a growing uterus can inhibit blood flow and cause
swollen and tired feet and varicose veins.

Travelers - A journey of 4+ hours leads to an increased
risk of blood clots in the legs - not to mention tired,
swollen feet & ankles. (e.g. vacationer, pilot, business person)